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  • Fast Screen Saver  v.1.0Calls Screen Saver by moving mouse to right top corner of the screen. Screen Saver selection and tuning.
  • Auto Mouse Mover  v.1.1Auto Mouse Mover provides continuous mouse movement input to the computer, there by disabling the configured idle actions temporarily, without actually disabling them from control panel. The Configured idle actions can be launching a defined ...
  • Move Mouse With Keyboard Arrow Keys Software  v.7.0This software offers a solution to users who want to move the mouse with the keyboard arrow keys instead of the regular mouse device. There is an option to choose how many pixels to remove per key press.
  • Action Mouse Mover  v.1.0ActionMouseMover can perform any combination of clicks, double clicks, right clicks at any position of your computer screen. Just specify visually or numerically where and when and how many timtes to click; and ActionMouseMouver will do it.
  • Neat Mouse  v.1.00.002NeatMouse is a small tool for Windows that allows controlling your mouse cursor via keyboard.
  • Screen Lock Killer  v.1.2Prevents Windows Screen Lock by Auto Moving Mouse pointer and Pressing SHIFT Key when computer is idle for set minutes ...
  • KeySwaper  v.1.10Control all keys by one hand while you use mouse.
  • Catch 3D  v.7.4Catch 3D is software for Direct3D screen capture. (3D Game, etc.) Catch 3D makes out movie file(AVI, WMV) from 3D game. * Catch 3D - Can capture 3D screen to AVI or ASF(WMV) file. - Can capture 3D screen to image file. (BMP or JPG) ...
  • MoNooN Bible Reader  v.1.2The MoNooN Bible Reader is freeware. The MoNooN Bible Reader enalbes that you read the Bible and find any text you want to search in all Bible Versions you have on your computer. [Features] Reading the Bible by comparing other Bible Version ...
  • Screen Calendar OutlookScreen Calendar Outlook has various fantastic components that are sure to help you create custom desktop with built in active calendar just over wallpaper, scheduling in MS Outlook. You can set up pleasant working atmosphere by changing desktop view ...
  • Disco XT for Mac OS  v.5.5.1A professional music playback and DJ mixing software for the Mac. Integrates with iTunes and iPods. Use songs and playlists in your iTunes Library. No setup or importing of songs is required! With a touch of a button, you may put Disco XT to automix ...
  • Capture Solution  v.5.5Capture Solution is software for screen capture. Capture Solution makes out movie file(AVI, WMV) from screen of monitor. - Can capture screen to AVI or ASF(WMV) file. - Can capture screen to image file. (BMP or JPG) - Can record audio only. (Wave, ...
  • LAN Controller  v.4.1Do you want to know how to monitor and remote control other people’s computer in your local network? LAN Controller will help you to easily realize your purpose. With it you can monitor and remote control all PC desktop clearly and without delay.
  • Fast Dial  v.4.2.1Fast Dial allows fast access to your favorite sites through thumbnails, like Opera speed dial.
  • WikiLook  v.2.6.9I have created WikiLook Firefox browser add-on that would look up any word for you using Wiktionary.
  • Camera Mouse  v.2011Camera Mouse is a small, easy to use application designed to enable you to control the mouse pointer on a computer just by moving your head. This program was developed to help people with disabilities use the computer. The main audience for this ...
  • Mouse Lock Windows  v.1.2Mouse Lock can dim your desktop and "sucks" your cursor into the center of your screen.
  • Moving Veiltail Goldfish Wallpaper  v.2.4.4Moving Veiltail Goldfish Wallpaper is an interactive and smoothly desktop background which let you click of your mouse to guide Moving Veiltail Goldfish fish in any given direction.
  • System Mouse  v.1.03System Mouse (TSystemMouse component) allows you to get and set the mouse position, move mouse cursor into any control or window, change and restore any system default cursor and clip the mouse moving area by rectangle, window, form or control bound.
  • Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software  v.7.0Automatically move mouse, pause and click at specified locations on your screen. The software is set up to loop and do your list of actions over and over again so you do not need to be at your computer.
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